CyberSiARA™ | Drupal

Drupal Integration Guideline

1. Download plugin form here.

2. Go to “Extend” and Choose “Install New Module”.

3. Now Upload “cybersiara.tar.gz” file. And Install Your project.

4. After Installation, Go to “Extend” and And Check the "SiaraShield" and Enabled on your project. After Selecting Click on “Install” button below.

5. After Enabled Plugin, You will need Public and Private key from

6. Go to “Configuration”, and Choose SiaraShield CAPTCHA Setting” .Add your Public & Private key then click Save Configuration button.

7. Once you entered your Public and Private then Save.

8. Open form setting tab.

9. Where you want to SiaraShield just only enable the status and show to SiaraShield.

10. How to install siarashield in Drupal.

11. Once all these steps are done, go to your browser and refresh the page and enjoy the SiaraShield. Thank you for using SiaraShield!