CyberSiARA™ | Java

Java Integration Guideline

1. Download the CyberSiara.jar file from here and Download.

2. Right click project and select Manage your referance to jar file.

3. Get your Public and Private key from

4. Add namespace CyberSiARA;

5. Copy the code below before processing the request. Add your Private Key in “PRIVATE-KEY”.

var token = Request.Form["CyberSiaraToken"];
var result = false;
Task.Run(async () =>
   result= await new CyberSiaraValidator().ValidateTokenAsync("PRIVATE-KEY", token);
   if (result)
    //Place the submit button code here

6. Once all these steps are done, go to your browser and refresh the page and enjoy the SiaraShield. Thank you for using SiaraShield!