CyberSiARA™ | PHP

PHP Integration Guideline

Whatch the video to learn more on how to install SiARA Shield on your PHP website.

1. Go to public_html folder where your site is hosted in your server.

2. Open .php file in which you are processing the input where you have added cybersiara captcha.

3. Download the SiaraShield.php file from here

4. Add SiaraShield.php file in your project root folder.

5. Add require('SiaraShield.php'); In a submit method file at top.


6. Get your public & private key from

7. Copy the code below before processing the request. Add your private key in “PRIVATE-KEY”

$CyberSiaraToken =isset($_POST["CyberSiaraToken"])?$_POST["CyberSiaraToken"]:""
   if (ValidateToken('PRIVATE-KEY',$_POST["CyberSiaraToken"]))
/*Your submit button code here */

8. Once all these steps are done, go to your browser and refresh the page and enjoy the SiaraShield. Thank you for using SiaraShield!