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CyberSiara™ | Integration

How to install SiaraShield

Choose your website technology, You will get the integration guidelines step by step.











Frontend Integration Guideline

WordPress Integration Guideline

1. Download plugging from WordPress or go to WordPress admin panel of your project and search for SiaraShield.

2. Click install now, and activate your plugging

3. Click on SiaraShield plugging

4. Once you clicked on SiaraShield plugging you need to add Public and Private key, You will get Public and Private key from mycybersiara.com

5. Add your Public & Private key then click Save Changes button. Make Sure “Enable jQuery Min” is selected.

For enable jQuery Min Js: Go to “Add New Plugins” under Plugins Sidebar Menu, and Search for “Enable jQuery Migrate Helper”.

6. Once you entered your Public and Private then go to your contact form or any other form you want to install SiaraShield on.

7. Edit your contact form and add [siarashield]where you want to display SiaraShield plugin within your page.

<noscript style="text-align: initial;"><span class="jsDesable"></span></noscript>
<P>submit class:btn2 class:CaptchaSubmit "Submit"<P>

8. Please add class="CaptchaSubmit" inside your submit button and click on Save button.

submit class:btn2 class:CaptchaSubmit "Submit"

9. Once all the above steps are done, go to your browser and refresh the page.

If You are using Gravity Form, then Please Follow this Instruction:
Edit your form, inside the HTML Field, and add following code in the Content Section:
<div class="SiaraShield"></div>

Edit your ‘function.php’ inside Appearance -> Theme Editor -> function.php

Add the Following Code inside function.php
add_filter ( 'gform_submit_button', 'form_submit_button', 10, 2 );
function form_submit_button($button, $form)
    return '<input type="submit" class="CaptchaSubmit" id="gform_submit_button_'. $form [‘id’] .'" value="Submit">';
Once all the above steps are done, go to your browser and refresh the page.